Martinez Industries Co.

David A. Martinez, Owner & CEO


At Martinez Industries Co., the ultimate goal is not only to meet the needs of the ever expanding automotive field, but also maintaining the requirements of our loyal customers.


We specialize in a considerable range of work: Award winning interiors, wiring, body fabrication, custom made furniture, as well as one off design.


We also take considerable pride in our work on any make or model automobile; from Jaguar, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Bentley, Audi, Spyker, Lotus, and all American autos.


As the owner and founder of Martinez Industries, I have worked on vehicles straight from the showroom floor to the “forgotten in the garage”, start to finish. We guarantee that we will be your premier auto shop regardless of the task.

“Let me make your automobile, your own,” David A. Martinez, Owner/CEO

A few things have changed since the beginning of 2015. Since we still have a few questions floating around about phone calls, texts, and correspondence, we decided to add it to our facebook page and will be adding it to the website as well. Any questions, please feel free to ask!


Phone calls, text messages and emails:
After reviewing we have found that anywhere between four and six hours daily is being used for phone calls, texts and emails. These are primarily being answered or taken by David, who is the main worker in the shop. We have devised a system of automatic responses for phone calls, texts and emails now. The shop numbers will only accept calls during open business hours; voicemail can be left and will be responded to when we are open, or during a break. After hours text messages will be responded to automatically letting the sender know we are closed. All text messages are shown as “new” and will be answered within 24 hours. Keep in mind, just because the shop is ‘closed’ to calls does not mean we are not working. A customer’s car takes precedence over distractions. With this new policy the office will be returning phone calls, texts and emails. This is not because David doesn't want to talk to his customers, it’s so he can work un-distracted on customers projects. Calls and messages that require his attention will be passed on to him, and returned at his earliest convenience within a 24 hour time frame. ALL customer correspondence will now be routed through one email address: This email will be checked by all employees throughout the business day. Please make note of this email change.


One of our goals is to keep Martinez Industries, Co small and family operated. As everyone knows David is the man behind the business. The majority of the physical work is done by David. However, there are other team players within our little company. 

Katie-Jane Martinez, David’s wife, is not only a partner in the business by name but also in the daily workings. When not in the office she is in the shop working. Katie is trained and educated in body work, pre-paint preparation, post paint work as well as other “hands on” mechanics. She is now working 3 days a week in the shop alongside David or on other projects. The rest of the time she will be handing a portion of office work and customer correspondence.


Eric Strong has also joined in the company. Eric will be assisting in billing, scheduling, collection on overdue payments, shipping, customer correspondence, etc.

Visiting mechanics will now be a part of our work force. Occasionally to keep projects on task, we will bring in outside mechanics. This will not in any way change prices which have already been set on quotes. We at no time will bring in a visiting mechanic for a specific customer, unless said customer incurs all expenses for their hire. If a customer chooses to hire a mechanic to work in conjunction with Martinez Industries, Co. we will not broker the hire for you.